• Running the log like their ancestors did.

    Welcome to the Jungle

    They hunt boars, they shoot arrows, they paint themselves with berries, they chop down trees, they live in the rainforest, and they play soccer.

  • Never felt so alone, and never felt so alive.

    Requiem for a Dream

    When the final whistle shrieked, we woke up. We’d been dreaming. It had been a really good dream, the kind you never want to wake up from.

  • Incredible photo by Meeri Koutaniemi.

    Silence in the Favela

    A family showed me a jumble of community, poverty, friendship, and a simple life united around their love — for each other, for God, and for soccer.

  • We did start the fire.


    Tomislav Laco was sixteen when he first shoved fireworks down his pants.

  • Brilliant photo by Kyrre Lien.

    The Song of Revenge

    The best soccer fans in the world might be in Tampere, Finland. They lost everything, and have vowed to rebuild their beloved team, even if they have to put on cleats themselves.

  • Don Lemon and me.

    Who You Calling Expert?

    I circled the globe, and apparently that makes me an expert. Or at least, that makes me an expert on TV.