Today we are going to discuss the main problem which arise every day among all people around the world – Students charity.

students charity





People, especial students, who activly participating students and universty life knows this problem in the face.

First of all, more over 50% of the people around the world have money problem and looking for solution, how they can make their life better.

Unofrtunatelly, not all the people have a chance or health to improve their life level.

That’s why our 2017 charity of our university is so important. To help people who are in need is a must thing for a normal person.

Where you can find a charity?

A charity is achivable everywhere, starting from the Starbucks  who donates some procent of their profit to the organizations, responsible for the people wealthere.  Every person and student can join the charity and share some of the savings for a good thing. In the world there are thousand of organizations who try to cover all social levels and social problems.  So you can choose what is you worrying about mostly and try to improve it.

It can be different things:

  • Cancer curement
  • Low-incomme students
  • People with disease disorders
  • Women in charge

and so on.

The most important thing is to be involved in the process and help the world be better.

You don’t have to spend all the money, but few dollars per month is enough to help to the thousand people every year.

Some of them just need a fresh water, some of them expensive medicines.

In the last post we described some peple, from africe , who are in struggle with the money, and wanted to finish university by any cost. It is very important to support such kind of undergraduates, as they want not only to change their world, but and our. In a good way.

All in all, students charity – is a very important thing, and everyone must join it.



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