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African American History for International Students

Today at the University of Minnesota was organized the new and absolutely fascinating event for all students, who are interested in the history of the humanity.

martin luther king students
students Martin Luther King

This event aims at the special groups of students to show up, how African culture is important for every one of undergraduate.

Once Martin Luther King said “I have a dream, that one-day white person and black people will live together. Based on this phrase long discussion arise between students from all the planet.

From one side, students argued that every country has it’s own choice to be in this idea or not. From another side, other students said this shouldn’t be up to the country only.

Every side has rights on the true, but who is right for real will show the time only.

Tutors didn’t join the discussion to let students show them up , and motivate undergraduates on the good talk between each other. Such talks stimulates young people to understand better each other. Students understand more what worries another person.

Such events are going on the regular bases in all cities of Minessota, in all education buildings to help to make America great again together with undergraduates.

Need to say, that not only afro american and american students were in charge of conversation.  Also group of undergraduates from Japan and Russia joined the chat. They showed their opinion about the situation in university and the World.

Other students joined the conversation

Russian students worry that because of Putin authority and the opinion about their leader. Sometimes they face misunderstandings in some situations with conseravative students from another countries.

Japan students told that because of the tradicion look of ancients in their country, they are not free to choice their own another half to make family. Their parents are very strict in choices of the children. Because of it some students have to chooce their race students only. This is not always to who their hearts belong.

All in all, it was a great event with great students. We happy to follow up all the situations in university.


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