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How easy is to be international student?

International student frequently asks himself, how easy is to be an international student?

From on side, it is good. Many people pay attention to you. See that you are different and want to get known with each other. They want to know your culture, your language, your studies in the school and university you made. On what language you write essays or thesis in your college. All topics are important for the most interested undergraduates who surround you. There is no doubt, that many of them will you only kindness and want to help.

international studentsBut from another side, there are plenty of people, who are tired of the problem they are living with. The problem can not be straight related to you, but if you are near, it may be a problem. Such people blame all people around them in their failures and want punishment. Some studies made by the university professors, that in most case such people have low IQ and are unable to judge fairly. So there is no point to listen closely such kind of people.

So how hard is to be an international student? 

From the first sight, there is no problem. From the second it is. Especially in language and slang students use. For some undergraduates, the main problem is how to find the common language between each other. All people need friends, need surrounders, who not only help but involved in the life of a new student. He wants to be in the team and solve problems and questions arisen for today.

Because of it, to go to another country for studying, the person should test his skills with IELTS or TOEFL.

Only after he will get over 6.0 points for each of the test he can fairly travel and get new knowledge and skills. Without it, it will be a problem for them.


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